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Open Source Canada -

Metro Vancouver Tech & Media Group List

There are lots of user group events and free technical seminars around Vancouver. I attend about at least 3-4 events(.NetBC, VanPass, VanTUG, etc) every month.

This list originally I got from Google Groups(Vancouver Tech & Media Events group). I edited it and added some links. If you know other group is not listed or information(name, linky, etc.) is incorrect, please let me know and I will update this list.

.NET User Group of British Columbia ( [Site]
Vancouver SharePoint User Group [Site]
Vancouver Silverlight User Group (VanSLUG.NET) [Site]
Vancouver Ajax/Web 2.0 (3.0) Developer Group ( [Site] [Facebook] [Forum] [Jobs]
Vancouver Facebook/Social Network Developer Group ( [Site] [Facebook] [Forum] [Jobs] [Planet]
Vancouver PHP Developer Group [Site]
Vancouver League of Drupallers [Site] [Facebook]
Vancouver Ruby/Rails Central,Ruby/Rails Meetup ( [Site] [Meetup] [Facebook] [Forum] [Jobs] [Planet]
Vancouver Flash/Flex User Group ( [Site] [Meetup]
Vancouver C++ User Group ( [Site]
Vancouver Groovy/Grails User Group ( [Site] [Forum] [Facebook] [Jobs]
Vancouver Java User Group (VanJUG) [Site]
Vancouver Perl Mongers [Site]
Vancouver Python, Zope and Plone User Group ( [Site]
Vancouver Lisp User Group (LispVan) [Site]
Northwest Mozilla Developer Group (NorthWestMozDev) [Forum]
Vancouver Android Developers Meetup Group [Site]

Vancouver User Experience Group ( [Site] [Facebook]

Software Quality Assurance Vancouver User Group ( [Site]

Vancouver GIS Users Group Site
Agile Vancouver ( [Site]

Net Neutrality/Wireless
Vancouver Open Network Initiatives Cooperative (VONIC), [Site] [Forum]

Vancouver Small Business User Server User Group [Site]
Vancouver PASS(Professional Association for SQL Server) Chapter [Site]
Vancouver Business Intelligence PASS Chapter[Site]
Vancouver Software Developers Network ([Site]
Vancouver Linux User Group ( [Site][Facebook]
IEEE Computer Society Vancouver Chapter [Site]
Wired Woman (WW) Vancouver Chapter [Site]
Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) Vancouver Chapter [Site]
Vancouver Bioinformatics User Group ( [Site]
Vancouver High Performance Computing User Group ( [Site]
Vancouver Geographic Information Systems (GIS) User Group ( [Site]
Vancouver SIGGRAPH Chapter ( [Site]
Vancouver Technology User Group ([Site]

Recycling / Education / Empowerment
Free Geek Vancouver (freegeekvancouver<span>.org) [Site]

Third Tuesday (Vancouver's Social Media Meetup) [Site]
Society for Technical Communication (STC) Canada West Coast Chapter [Site]
Vancouver Blogger Meetup [Site] [Facebook]
Vancouver DITA User Group (VanDITA) [Forum]
Northern Voice &amp; MooseCamp (Canada's Blogging Conference) ( [Site] [Facebook]

Tazzu ( [Site] [Forum]

Demos & Unconferences
DemoCamp [Site] [Facebook]
BarCamp [Site] [Facebook]